Your Website During the COVID-19 Pandemic

That being said, our business continues to travel on, and that we feel it is also important to seem at this crisis from the angle of the net to assist clients et al navigate these times from an operational perspective. We all know there are larger human narratives at play here, but we’re working to remain in our lane and supply you valuable website designing company in delhi.

We work with many clients across a variety of industries and whether you’re a running brand, a house website, or a pork producer, COVID-19 affects your audience and it’s important to update visitors on what adaptation you are making as a results of the rapidly changing world we’re living in.

We’ve worked with many of our clients over the previous couple of weeks to strategize on the most effective thanks to get timely information to their audience. Below are many ways we commend renovating your website designing company in delhi during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Update Your Website Header, Not Just Your Homepage

Your homepage is also your highest trafficked landing page on your site, but it likely isn’t the page that almost all of your audience lands on after they first get to your site. Google ranks pages, not sites and when someone is attempting to find your organization, they’re likely to urge directed to an indoor page on your site, not your homepage.

Try logging into your Google Analytics account and visiting Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. You’ll see what percent of the traffic to your site starts on the homepage.

Because your homepage is that the place to begin for less than some of your site visitors, your site header could be a better place to push information about COVID-19 so one and all that goes to your site can quickly find the most recent information about the pandemic and the way it relates to you.

Two options for updating your header are:

Add a link in your main navigation

If your site is on a content management system, this can be probably something you’ll do on your own.

In Word Press, your navigation is sometimes managed under Appearance > Menus.

In Drupal, it’s typically under Structure > Menus

If you’re unsure the way to update your navigation, reach bent your development team.

A few tips when updating your navigation:

Keep the title of the most nav item short. “COVID-19” is perhaps enough.

After you add the menu item, slowly adjust your browser width from super narrow to super wide to form sure the new menu item doesn’t make your navigation overlap elements it shouldn’t.

For instance, change “Who We Are” or “About Us” to “About” or remove “Home” and just let users click on your logo to travel to the homepage.

If you can’t make space within the main navigation, add the COVID-19 page to your dropdown menu.

While adjusting your main navigation could appear sort of a substantial change, whether or not there isn’t a world pandemic, we’ve found that having a spot in your main navigation.

Having a site wide alert bar could be a good way to draw attention to an important issue. You will not have the flexibility to make alerts on your site without the assistance of your website designing company in delhi team. The nice thing about adding that functionality, however, is that alert bars aren’t only useful during global pandemics. It is something you will be able to utilize moving forward. An alert bar could be a practical tool to own for things like:

Limited hours thanks to a vacation

Promoting a special deal

Announcing an upcoming event

When you reach bent your web development team, confirm your alert bar:

Is in a very different color to draw attention thereto

Can be easily toggled on or off

Can be dismissed by users

Can be easily customized

Your alert bar should draw attention, but you’ll want to stay the content on that short and quickly drive visitors to a page that may expand on the subject.

Update Your Homepage Masthead

Even if you’ve updated your header with content about COVID-19, your homepage represents the foremost important information on your site and by pushing information about how COVID-19 impacts your audience, you’re indicating to visitors that you just understand the seriousness of the pandemic. Additionally to visitors, the homepage is additionally a awfully valuable website designing company in delhi to Google about your site being updated and what it can rank for.

A few tips for updating the homepage masthead:

Keep the language short to scale back lots of text wrapping at narrower browser sizes