Find the best Mobile Auto Repair Shop for your Ride

If you have a car, it is your benefit to keep the number of an auto repair shop handy. You never know when your car requires maintenance, and maintaining a number from beforehand will save you the headache of finding the perfect auto repairs shop.

Things to look for in the Auto Repair Shop of Your Choice:

Services provided by the shop

You should check the kinds of services that the shop provides. There are many On-site Auto Repair shops in Houston, but if you are looking for an off-site one, you need to do the necessary homework. See if they hire professionals and the kind of equipment they used to fix the cars. If you visit their on-site store, the number of vehicles in their workshop and the place’s state will give you an idea about the establishment. We are not asking you to judge a book by its cover but to make an educated guess regarding the mobile car repair services you will receive.

Check Customer Reviews

Check the customer reviews left by previous clients for the shop of your choice. The ratings will let you understand the kind of services they provide and their price range. This is a significant step that you should not neglect. Be aware that many shops use bots and fake reviews to seem legit.

Cost of repair

Check and see if the auto repair services is affordable or within your price range or not. Just because you want to do regular maintenance for your right does not been you would have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are many affordable shops out there that you can consider.

Work ethics of the auto repair shop

Work ethics and the way they handle the customers are essential things that should be taken into account when hiring any auto repair services. Check if they are easy to communicate with, and they deliver your car within the time frame. If they are delaying in returning your vehicle every single time, this means that the shop does not prioritise the needs of their customers.


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Simple Tips for Car Maintenance

If you don’t take the right actions to prevent long term damage on your car, it can be costly. These simple tips will help ensure you are giving your car the maintenance it needs to last.

Change oil frequently

Modern cars have warning signs that indicate when we need to make adjustments, such as add oil.

The engine of your car needs to be lubricated to run efficiently. When oil levels get low or your oil is dirty, your car engine will wear, which could result in needing to replace it.

To check your oil, you simply need to retrieve the dipstick from beside the engine or in front of the engine – it is a long metal spike with a yellow looped end. Wipe the stick of all oil residue and then dip the stick all the way back into the tube, wait a few seconds then withdraw it. If the oil level isn’t between the two marks then you need to replace your oil.

Check your warning lights

Warning lights could include a brake warning light, check engine light, coolant warning light, ABS warning light, service engine light, electrical fuel light and oil warning light. Be aware of these lights that appear surrounding your speedometer.

Become familiar with what each warning sign means and how to respond to them. Some may not need immediate attention but others may need you to pull over. For example, the coolant warning light means your car engine is overheating and if you don’t turn the car off to let it cool down, you could cause permanent damage.

Check important fluids

While oil is the most known fluid to check, it’s not the only important fluid. You or your car service still need to check engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid.

With these fluids, leaks can be disruptive, affecting the way your car runs. If you notice an unusual liquid, you should take your car in to be serviced straight away. You can identify which fluid has leaked by the colour of the liquid.

Ignoring signs such as leaks will only cause issues with your car further down the line, consequently shortening your car’s life.

Check tyre pressure regularly

Checking your tyres is critical for your safety, and the overall maintenance of your car.

Inadequate tyre pressure makes you at risk of getting a flat tyre, which can be dangerous, especially at high speeds. Driving fast with a flat tyre will likely do irreversible damage to the metal beneath the wheel, and may even cause you to lose control of your car. In addition to risking your safety, needing to change tyres more frequently will cost you more in the long run.

Some free petrol stations allow you to check and alter your tyre pressure for free. Tyre rotation and wheel balance are also important, and can be checked when you take your car in for servicing. These two concepts ensure your control is equally balanced among all four wheels.

Car servicing

To sum it up, if something doesn’t seem right, take your car in to be checked. Signs can be anything from a funny sound, to a change in your breaks, or your car having difficulty starting. Using your car when a component needs repairing will shorten the entire life of your car.

Maintaining your car doesn’t take much – ensure you incorporate these simple tips to prolong the life of your car.

Everything You Need to Know: Causes, Symptoms, Handling, and Prevention of Overheating.

Overheating is the main problem faced by many vehicle owners. But they don’t know what causes overheating and how to take care of it. When presenting a whole guide for you, so it would be easy for you.

Causes of overheating
Overheating in your vehicle can be caused by many factors. Three of the main factors are

Not enough lubricant
The parts of the engine require a specific amount of lubricant to run smoothly. If they are not supplied enough lubricant, then the friction increases that cause the engine to overheat.

Leakage of coolant
The coolant is necessary for the maintenance of the temperature of the engine. If the coolant starts to leak and there isn’t of it in the vehicle, then the engine will not get to a moderate temperature. Instead, the temperature will keep rising and it will start to overheat.

Radiator issues
The radiator is responsible for supplying the coolant. If the radiator is broken or worn out, it will start causing trouble for the other parts as well.

Symptoms of an overheating engine
Some of the symptoms you wouldn’t be able to see but there are a few symptoms that will easily let you know that your engine is overheating.

Coolant leaking
If the coolant is leaking from your vehicle, you would easily be able to see the thick patches of fluid on the road underneath the car.

Steam coming from the hood
The main thing that indicates the overheating of a vehicle is the steam coming from the hood. When the engine overheats the steam starts coming out of the hood of your car.

How to handle it?
There are not so many things you can do to handle an overheating engine. But stay safe and do the following things

Whenever you see the slightest of steam coming out of your car’s hood or your car starts troubling, stop wherever you are and park your car on the side of the road. It is not safe to drive an overheating car.

Be patient
If a situation like this occurs, you need to be patient and call for help.

Add coolant
If you have coolant in your car, you can carefully open the lid and pour the coolant. It will help the car to cool down a bit.

How to prevent it?
You can prevent your car from overheating. You need to take care of it and maintain it so it will not break down. Take the following steps to prevent your car from overheating.

Check the level of coolant daily
If you drive your car daily, then you should check the level of coolant regularly. The car must have a good amount of coolant so it won’t start to get overheat. Check the level of the coolant daily and refill it if required. If the level of coolant drops excessively then it means that you leak. You should get the thermostat housing repaired immediately as it is responsible for the supply of the coolant. You can search for car repair garages and get a low thermostat leak repair cost in the UK.

Keep a look at the temperature gauge
The temperature gauge lets you know when the temperature of your car starts to increase. You should keep an eye on it. That way you will be able to fix the problem before it gets too big.

Turn off ac to reduce engine load
When you switch on the ac it puts extra load on the engine. When you are traveling long distances, it is good practice that you turn off the ac. That will take the load of the engine and it will not overheat.

Fuel pump service
If the fuel is not properly supplied to the engine, then it means that there is some problem with the fuel pump as it is responsible for the supplying of lubricant to all the parts of the engine. You should focus on the car fuel pump repair so your car can work properly.