Internet Leased Line for SME’s

Given the internet’s growing importance as a communication tool, the United Nations recently advocated that internet access be included as a human right. Internet nowadays is a very component of everyone’s lives. Every business requires the internet whether a business is small or big. As a result of this dependency, many small companies are looking into their internet connectivity alternatives. In most cases, we feel that a leased line is the best alternative.

What is Internet Leased Line (ILL)?

A fiber leased line is another name for a leased line. It’s a specialized fiber-optic service that connects to the premises directly. A dedicated fiber-optic connection can link a leased line directly to the public internet. It has a dedicated bandwidth for high speed and ensures smooth business communications. It provides data to enterprises that are data-hungry and includes upload and download speed guarantees.

Difficulties SMEs face are:-

Employee productivity is critical to any successful organization, therefore employees must be able to function at their best – and they must be able to rely on a reliable internet connection to do so. If connectivity decreases, the speed of work will certainly reduce as well. The amount of time missed due to a bad internet connection has a significant influence on a SMEs development and performance.
Maintaining contact with employees and keeping them informed about company and product information is critical to the successful operation of a small business. Internal communications rely on a variety of tools, including the intranet, email, e-newsletters, and webinars, to mention a few, and a poor internet connection may be disastrous. The contention ratio, which slows down connections when a large number of people try to use one internet line at the same time, is a typical source of the problem in this area.
In the digital age, being able to immediately communicate directly with customers is anticipated, and SMEs that fail to fulfill this standard are missing out on a significant market.
Buffering is a latency issue that happens when data processing is delayed due to an internet connection. Latency not only causes issues of download and upload speed, but it can also hurt employees’ morale.

Advantages of ILL to an SME:-

Dedicated Business Internet Access-
The most significant advantage of ILL is that it provides dedicated business internet access. This implies that the internet connection you’re paying for will be devoted just to your business. Other residents or businesses in the area would not be able to use your connection. The leased lines also have fixed bandwidth which implies that during peak hours, the internet will run smoothly. It will provide high-speed connectivity for the smooth flow of business activities.

Businesses may use an internet leased line to stay connected with the most dependable sort of internet connection available. Furthermore, internet leased lines have far better Service Level Agreements (SLAs) than typical broadband connections.

Enhanced security-
Businesses are transacting online more than ever before. Payments made by cheques and other forms are quickly reducing. With the government of India’s support for Digital India and the emergence of numerous programs that encourage online transactions and related services, even small companies should choose the finest internet plans that provide high-quality leased line services. The focus should be on security features as well.

Effective Communication-
Uninterrupted or easy communication with clients and employees is a must for any business. You’ll need a boost with a solid broadband deal that offers fantastic internet speed for smooth exchange of ideas and requirements, meetings over conference calls, video conferences, or sending and receiving emails. Leased lines will provide all.

Cost-effective and premium support-
With a strong internet Leased line connection, you will not get disturbed by the external variables (climate, slow internet), less cash is invested on the internet and there will be more development of the business. Our Internet Leased Line service is designed for businesses and is supported by an end-to-end Service Level Agreement. Support is provided 24/7.

In an era where technology has become the backbone of SMEs’ success, implementing services as ILL can fuel their growth by providing them with seamless internet connections, regardless of who they are interacting with. Microtalk Communications recognizes the issues that SMEs confront and offers them digital solutions that are tailored to their needs.